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Pallet Box with Wheels, Reinforcement Frame and Tilting Bars

hdpe e1521212817866 Grandi Contenitorifood grade e1521212797660 Grandi Contenitori

White nylon or solid rubber wheels welded on a painted iron reinforcement frame. Alternatively, the wheels can be mounted directly in the feet without using the frame. Painted iron bars for inserting the forklift blades. For tilting, the forklift must be equipped with a rotating basket.

  • 280 L Dimensions: internal 925x580x520 mm – external 1000x630x710 mm
  • 525 L Dimensions: internal 1100x730x650 mm – external 1160x800x830 mm
  • Closed
  • White
  • Grey
  • Black (non-food grade)
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Light lid
Heavy lid

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