Item no. 4300

Modular Container 40×30 cm

pp e1521215456197 Contenitori a Movimentazione Manualefood grade e1521212797660 Contenitori a Movimentazione Manuale

9 L version not available in entirely perforated version.
The boxes can be customised with single-colour hot marking.

  • 9 L Dimensions: internal 370x260x95 mm – external 400x300x100 mm
  • 10 L Dimensions: internal 370x265x110 mm – external 400x300x120 mm
  • 15 L Dimensions: internal 370x265x160 mm – external 400x300x170 mm
  • 20 L Dimensions: internal 370x265x210 mm – external 400x300x220 mm
  • 30 L Dimensions: internal 370x265x310 mm – external 400x300x320 mm
  • Entirely closed
  • Closed bottom perforated walls
  • Entirely perforated
  • Grey
  • White (only 9 L version)

Additional information


Lid or catches (not for L 9 version)

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