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hdpe e1521212817866 Porta Rifiuti

Features: Compliant with the UNI EN 840 standard; tub with two handles; finger connection on the front edge and DIN 30700 male connection; front 200 mm rubber swivel wheels with pedal braking; draining connection on the bottom of the tub; reflective strips compliant to law.

  • 660 L   External dimensions: 1370x775x1185 mm – flat lid, load capacity 264 kg
  • 770 L External dimensions: 1370x775x1305 mm – flat lid, load capacity 308 kg
  • 1100 L External dimensions: 1370x1065x1448 mm – domed lid, load capacity 440 kg
  • 1700 L External dimensions: 1770x1150x1420 mm – flat lid, load capacity 450 kg
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Grey
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Lid-lift pedal; centralised brake; tow hook; lids for sorted collection of glass/plastic, cans, paper.

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